Friday, December 28, 2007


Just noticed that I had set some goals for December. Which means I need to hold myself accountable for them, right? Let's see ...

Four chapters of my book completed ... Nope
Bryan's quilt finished ... Nope
Moved back into my own bedroom... Nope (but there's hope for this to happen in January!)
Survive chorus holiday season ... Yes! We had a great concert and it felt great to sound so good!
Baby gift for Allyson and Taylor ... Have it, just haven't gotten it to them and baby's due today
Go one week without veering from diet (right!) ... Nope
Get rid of Kevin's desk, my desk, sofa and last two bookcases ... Nope
20 new lenses ... I've got seven done and three more almost complete. Guess I can choose between this or writing on the book to have done by then end of the month.

Wow. Not a good track record. And I wasn't even setting very high standards for this month.

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