Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Having a great time

Been busy again over at Squidoo. Did pages for Brendan Fraser and Michelle Yeoh, both of whom will be in the new Mummy movie coming out in August. Looking forward to that one! Plus, I discovered Brendan's going to be in a movie version of Inkheart in March, which is one of the books I just did a review of. And yeah! The third book in that series should be out in April - Inkdeath.

We also did a 10-minute lens challenge - see what you could actually create in 10 minutes - and I took the opportunity to get my Kung Fu Panda lens off the ground. One of those things that's been on my list. Course, now, I need to make it a worthy lens. Also, I need to take the same challenge with myself at least once a week to just get something off the ground. I have so many ideas and things like movies are easy to slap together quickly.

I'm working on a schedule (still mentally) for all the stuff I need to do on a regular basis to promote my Squidoo lenses. Like answer questions at Yahoo or stumble pages or whatever. There are so many viral ways to promote your stuff that it gets overwhelming. That on top of creating pages, updating them, tweaking them. That's my goal for January - get a workable schedule so this doesn't eat into all my time. (But it's so fun!!)

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