Saturday, March 29, 2008

Keeping the Skelanimals shop tidy

Wow. Running a shop via Squidoo is a little tougher than I expected, particularly with such a wide topic as the Skelanimals. There are constantly new items being released and others being taken off the shelves. And there's just so many of them!!

They've released a new set of t-shirts that are definitely styled for guys - tuxedos and ties abound. A couple of new hoodies (Diego and Jack), some stationery items (Marcy), cute knee high socks (Marcy). I've got them all now. I also went back and added the cute totes (Dax and Ellie) and wallets that have been out for a while.

I really love these guys, so creating the shop was quite fun. I hope I can figure out how to better drive traffic and keep up with all the cool stuff!

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