Sunday, April 27, 2008

Recovered two old blogs

Wow. Somehow managed to get logged in to Blogger using my old account information and was able to recover two blogs I used to have back in the day. One was related to my days as the women's minister at my church, the other was a reading log of sorts. The reading log I have definite use for still as I can include my Squidoo book lenses and keep my mini-reviews that help me track everything I read. (Which is a lot. Just got back from the library yesterday with 10 more books.)

But what about the other one? Should I keep it? The content is almost three years old. It never had any traffic. I'm not in that ministry area anymore. I'm not really in any ministry area anymore (whole different post, there!). So what to do with it. The url is actually my name, so I suppose I might want to keep that at least. But how to repurpose it when I have this blog as well? Hmm.

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