Friday, April 11, 2008

Weekend goals

Number one should be to not collapse! :-)
  1. Work TWCD garage sale
  2. Finish three lenses that are currently WIP - butterfly gifts, MonkeyBrain and invisible man
  3. Get my craft books unpacked and on the shelves (which will probably turn into another lens)
  4. Actually prepare for small group lesson
  5. Attend meeting at church about Greece-Turkey cruise
  6. Do research for days of week series
  7. Write two Gather articles tying back to lenses - maybe invisible man and maybe college ringtones?
  8. Root around in boxes to see if I can find the binding for Bryan's quilt
  9. Get baskets for the bathroom while they're still on sale at Target - which means a Saturday chore.
Wow. That should be enough for now.

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