Friday, May 16, 2008

Great fun to be had in Dallas (and 8 other locations!)

Way back when I first got to Dallas, Kevin and I went down to take in the fun at Medieval Times. Wow. It's quite the experience, but definitely a time to leave your cynical attitude at home. (Not easy for us Gen Xers.) The show is a bit corny, although they've recently reworked it to include more special effects and drama. But the food was good, the horses amazing and the experience fun if you really get into it. (Which may require more beer than I'm willing to drink.) In all, I'd say the best way to enjoy this is with a bunch of rowdy friends or with your kids. We have one here in Dallas (and the horse ranch is in the area), but they're also in eight other locations across the continent. Plan to shell out big bucks for the tickets, though. They're about twice what we paid. But, there are good online coupons on the website, and they run them in the paper here frequently as well.

The lens I made has tons of videos so you can check out the battle action and horses.

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jeffwend said...

I have always wanted to eat at one of those midevil times restaurants, I bet that was a blast