Friday, May 23, 2008

Hitting the birthday party circuit again

Hopefully Janet21 won't feel I'm stepping too far into her territory here, but I'm not making a habit of birthday party lenses. Yet. :-) But again, people are hitting a lens because they're looking for birthday party items and I feel compelled to do a breakout lens so they can find what they want and the birthday party supplies don't start to take over my main lens.

In this case, it's Kung Fu Panda (which has broken back into the Top 100 and is getting almost 300 visitors a week!) getting the party treatment. I just published a Kicking Kung Fu Panda Party lens today, complete with everything from invitations to cake toppers to thank you cards. Hopefully, it will garner some good attention like the Abby Cadabby one has. I anticipate a lot of birthday parties this summer will be using this theme.

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