Friday, May 2, 2008

Hooray!! I'm a Giant Squid!

This is totally an insider thing at Squidoo. The kind of thing where my husband just looks at my blankly. I can tell he's trying to not roll his eyes. :-) But I (and the 40-ish others in my class) received notification today that we're Giant Squids.

So what's a Giant Squid? Basically, it's a lensmaster who has made at least 50 quality lenses. Quality being a vague term only known to headquarters, but as I'm in, I'm not quibbling. We get some special stuff like templates and testing stuff out in advance, etc. And this pretty purple badge on our lenses. Oooo! Anyway, it just makes me feel good that I made the cut. Validation for the work I've been doing.


thewebgarden said...

Hey, Thanks for dropping by my new Squidoo Blog I've added your blog to my squidoo Blogroll!
Hope you're having as much fun celebrating being a Giant Squid as me! :)

bdkz said...