Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm now a groupmaster

I have totally gone off my rocker. Really. I wanted to have my lenses be in a group about Texas. Not too much to ask. But every single group that was out there was ... subpar. They were neglected, ignored, undeveloped. It was just sad. And the worst part was that they had taken all the great URLs.

As I often do, when I see things languishing, I step in and take charge. And that meant asking the group masters if any of them wanted to unload their groups on me. And one took me up on my offer, so I'm now the proud owner of the Lone Star State group. I'm in and I've started cleaning house, which is good. But I'm the only one in the house now. Here's hoping I can revive this group and turn it into something worth visiting!

  • Created on 12/24/2006
  • Transferred to me on 5/20/2008
  • Lensrank: 266,969 overall
  • Highest lensrank ever: 7607
  • Life of Lens visits: 54
  • Earnings: 11 cents
  • Lenses in the group: 5 (three were mine!)
I've transferred the group from Travel to Local and am starting to email worthy lenses to see if they'd like to join the group. Am also looking for good ideas of things to add to the lens before I start hacking more items off! I wish I could add Polaroids and videos. Big plans for this guy, though!! Making a note to update the stats in three months and we'll see how I'm doing.

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