Wednesday, May 21, 2008

An inteview with ... me!!

With the induction of the new class of Giant Squids came some exciting new additions to the program. Among them was the introduction of the Giant Squid organizers. These ladies are working hard to promote the Giant Squids and really create more community within the group.

As part of that, bdkz has started a blog - So You Want to Be a Giant Squid - designed to encourage people who are striving toward that goal. It takes a lot to get to 50 great lenses, although I will admit that it's kind of a downhill roll after that as you kind of have a rhythm going by that point.

Anyhoo, part of what bdkz is doing over on her blog is interviews with current Giants to help pass on their advice about what it takes to be a Giant and just to share more about us. And I was one of the recent victims. It was a good exercise to put down into words why and how I approach lensmaking. And I'm really enjoying learning more about my fellow Giants and how they do what they do.

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rms said...

Thank you for helping us get the word out about all the projects we have going for the Giant Squids.