Thursday, May 1, 2008

Soles United lens in charity challenge

My Squidoo friend bdkz (yeah, just try saying it once, much less three times fast!) has been issuing a charity challenge to all lensmasters. Part of why Seth Godin started Squidoo was to try to raise money for charity while at the same time making money. Lensmasters have the option to donate a portion (or all) of their proceeds to a list of selected charities. In fact, just about any charity can sign up to be on the list and have donations made to them.

Back to bdkz. Each month, she's challenging lensmasters to convert a lens over to donate money to a specific charity, then people vote on the best lenses and there's a winner (who gets a cool badge) at the end. For May, I've submitted my Soles United lens, which was already giving all its proceeds to Save the Children, one of bdkz's choices for this month. I'd love to see more traffic to it (and some sales) so it can raise more money.

(Hmm. Looking at the lens, the only thing I really have for sale on it is the Big Head Todd & the Monsters albums. I remember making a conscious choice not to add a lot of commercial stuff, but that doesn't help Save the Children very much, does it? On the to-do list!)

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