Monday, May 5, 2008

Some lenses are just for no reason at all

My list of lenses shows a few niches - Sesame Street, kids books, Dallas events. But I have a lot of totally random things thrown in there. Sometimes, there's just no logic at all to why I create something. And that's fine because there's often no logic at all to why a lens does well!!

This weekend, I was struck with the idea of creating a lens with novelty cycling jerseys as that is one of the most popular searches that gets people to my Count von Count lens. Go figure! (As an aside, I have already gone back into that lens and made the cycling jersey more prominent to help people find it since that's often what they're looking for. But one has to assume they're Count fans and thus will enjoy the rest of the lens too.)

Back to the cycling jerseys, I started looking around and noticed that there are a lot of cool jerseys that have designs on them. For some reason, heavy metal bands are a popular theme, as are cereals. (What is up with that?) One of my favorite designs I found was the Pink Floyd one I've featured here. Even if you didn't know it was Pink Floyd, it's still just a great design. It has become an insanely large lens in quite a short time, with more to be added, so we'll see how it goes long-term and if it's worth more effort. But it was fun seeing all the things you could get!

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