Thursday, May 1, 2008

What's the rarest thing on the planet?

Abby Cadabby Quality - SESAME STREETApparently, it's Abby Cadabby costumes. I finally found a source for them, but they're out of stock. Ditto for the hair and wands.

I guess I understand. It's not Halloween. But surely someone in product marketing understands that little girls don't just dress up at Halloween!

I have emails set for both suppliers to be notified immediately when they come back in stock. I just hate that I have them on my two Abby Cadabby lenses and people can't get them.

Amazingly enough, there aren't even any listed on eBay! (I'm beginning to wonder if they really exist.) I have a feed set up there as well to let me know should any come available. Anyone is welcome to subscribe to it to get notification when costumes come up for auction. (And if you ever happen to run across one in a closet or at a garage sale, I can promise you'll make good money selling it!! (Let me know if you plan to list one and I'll give you some advance publicity here!)

I'm working on figuring out a good way to make a wand and Abby Cadabby hair. The wand is probably not that important because you can get just about any kind of wand, but pink and purple pigtails are another matter. Will be adding the directions to my Abby birthday party lens when they're complete.

Update: Found available costumes now!!


Cyndi said...

Guess what? I will have Abby Cadabby costumes next week! I own a family run online costume store, and they are on their way to me right now. I am currently selling them as a pre-sale, with a ship date of 6/25/08. Since I began accepting orders yesterday, the orders have been coming in rapidly. Here's the link...I hope that I can make a little girl very happy!


lewister said...

Well, hooray! Looking at the ones on your site, they're the same ones as my original supplier. So maybe I'll have them soon as well. Lovely.