Friday, May 30, 2008

Women worth a second look for being first

Buy at Art.comI can't believe I've never talked about this series over here. What is wrong with me sometimes!!

One of the first series of lenses I tackled was about the first woman to accomplish something - go into space, win a race, discover a star, direct a symphony. I'm not entirely sure where I got the idea, but I did think it would be a great resource for kids looking for someone to write about during Women's History Month. As usual, it was one of those things that just ballooned out of control and I let it lie fallow for a while. Victoria helped me out by looking through everything and making suggestions for how to make it shine. (Case of being too close and overwhelmed to think straight myself.)

It's now something I'm quite proud of, but just really getting around to promoting. There are eight lenses in the series (and I've got content for a ninth if I feel like it). I think I got it beautiful and useful. There are some amazing women out there, and many of them you've never heard of. (Unlike Amelia Earhart, whom I have pictured here.) I hope you are equally inspired.

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