Monday, June 2, 2008

Do you know a butterfly lover?

Buy at Art.comSo who's the butterfly lover in your life? Come on, we all know one. For me, it's my mom. And with her in mind, I started to work on a lens with great gift ideas for the butterfly lover. It kind of grew out of control. As usual. :-)

So, I ended up with another series of lenses, each a slightly different shop focused on a different type of item. I still have a lot of things I could add - like cell phone covers! - but I'm holding off until I can better gauge the audience/desire/ROI on this particular niche. I might be better off in the long run getting more focused on one type of item or maybe just dropping a few of the stores all together. (See, this is where being more rational about choosing things based on keyword popularity would be good. But no, I get all emotional and excited and just run off in all kinds of directions.) Pondering that point.

Here are the shops:

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