Saturday, June 21, 2008

How's the Lone Star State group doing?

Buy at Art.comWell, it's been almost a month since I took over the Lone Star State group. I've done a lot to the group page and worked hard at getting people to join the group. Most of the success in doing so has come via invitations to people who had existing lenses. Now I just need to start really promoting this thing.

So I said I'd check in to see how I was progressing since I first took the group. And we've made some significant improvement. As of today, our stats:
  • #11,995 overall (We made it up into the 8,000s shortly after I first took over and have settled in nicely in this range.)
  • #64 in Local
  • 21 members, 57 lenses
So, next steps here. How to get more traffic to this group? And what else do I need/want in terms of lenses? How can I convince people to make them and then join the group?

Oh, so maybe you want to make a lens for the group? I have a short wishlist going on the page, but certainly there's lots of room for history, people, music and literature lenses. Anything Texas is welcome, although I'm being pretty specific about what I feature. If you aren't already a Squidoo member, just head here to join up and then make a lens for the Texas group. Just make it good, right? We don't want any junk in Texas!!

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