Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm in, I'm out - doing the Google dance

Buy at Art.comWell, I was all excited a couple of days ago because my novelty cycling jerseys lens had started showing up in Google searches again. I get a good 30 hits a day or so when I'm feeling the Google love. Spoke too soon, apparently, though, as we're on the outs again.

That made the decision for me on something I had been pondering. I had just put up a poll on the lens, actually, to let shoppers choose. But, given that they aren't coming thanks to the Google dance ... .

So I finally broke down and just broke the lens out into a series with a couple more. I had wanted to add more jerseys to the college section anyway, but there were like 100 of them!! So now I have two new lenses, one with college cycling jerseys and the other with beer logo cycling jerseys. Surely between the four cycling jersey lenses, at least one will be in Google's good graces at any given point in time, thus bringing traffic to all of them. I hope.

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