Monday, June 23, 2008

Kung Fu Panda ... body spray?

I've been searching, searching, searching for new Kung Fu Panda stuff. I would have thought by now that there would be shirts and bedding and lots of that kind of stuff. But no. What do we get? Kids Designer body spray for boys. Yep. Just what every little boy is wanting. Not a Kung Fu Panda punching bag. Not a bedspread. Not a shirt. Nope. Body spray. And at $45? What on earth are they thinking? Oh, there's one for girls too in case you really want to splurge.

(That said, I do have shirts and toys and stuff over on the Kung Fu Panda page. But the only shirts I can find are on eBay. And there's nary a thing for a room as yet. Sigh.)

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