Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Miraculous find!

Abby Cadabby CostumeWell, I mentioned previously about how difficult it was to find an Abby Cadabby costume. (Not for me. For your child.) I had even put ideas for creating your own on my Abby Cadabby page.

Well, there's a new costume out now! It's a little different from the old one in that the skirt has some purple and the turquoise in general is darker, but it's Abby! So if you're looking for a costume, you're in luck. (Until this one goes out of stock.) Just click the picture to go directly to the source or hit the link above to head to Abby's page and check out all the other stuff you can find for Abby. She's really just the cutest thing to happen to Sesame Street ever.

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