Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Passed the 100 mark!

Buy at Art.comI've done it! Finally made it past the 100-mark in lenses. Hooray for me! So I can officially submit myself for the 100 Club over at Squidoo. What does that mean? Haven't a clue. But it's something special, so I want it. Besides, couldn't let Victoria get in there without me.

Mostly, I'm just pleased at the steady progress I'm making over at Squidoo. I've broken into the Top 100, had a lens of the day and am starting to see a steady trickle of money coming in. And I've met my next goal now of 100 lenses. Accomplishments are good.

So let's see, next set of goals? How about get to 125 lenses, start seeing $200 a month in affiliate income and get through the 30 Day Challenge without going insane? Also want to keep steady on the posting here (I recently passed 100 posts here as well) and my other blogs. Feeling good about my chances. Oh, it's not a goal until I have a deadline. So how about by Labor Day weekend? I think I can do it!!


Victoria Neely said...

Funny how we always seem to be neck-to-neck on these things. :) Good luck to us both! Maybe we'll get ponies or something.

lewister said...

Oooh!! Can I have a palomino? That's what Barbie had when I was a girl and I think Trixie Belden's friend Honey. I always wanted one of those. Sigh.

Course, I have enough trouble keeping the dog poop cleaned up ... :-)

lewister said...

My rough calculations for June are showing that I might be up around the $160 mark in total income, but just ~$50 or so from affiliate income. I have a ways to go!!