Thursday, June 26, 2008

Trends I saw doing "market research" at the mall

So I was spending sometime at the mall recently. Not my usual hang-out, but it does allow for some good market research. So what was I seeing in the stores?

Seafoam Ombre Silver Lurex ScarfLots and lots of scarves. On mannequins, mind. It's 100 degrees right now in Texas, so no one's actually wearing these right now. We're into tank tops and flip flops at the moment. But still, scarves like this green-fringed number in the picture were everywhere. Which just cracks me up because wasn't this the same type of scarf that created such a stink for Rachel Ray in that Dunkin' Donuts commercial? Was it just because hers was black and white? Cause they're everywhere right now. We're all terrorist sympathizers, apparently. Anyway, scarves are apparently the new necklace, and if you can pull it off without suddenly making your neck look like it's 40 inches around, more power to you. They just add too much weight to my top and cover up the necklines I choose so carefully.

Sunset BagOne of the other things I saw in store after store were huge, brightly colored tote-style handbags like the Big Buddha Sunset Bag pictured here. They look like just a lot of fun, and can certainly handle just about anything you'd want to put in them. But how to choose a color? Would you get tired of the same pink/turquoise/orange color after a while? Could you really get enough use out of such a thing? Help me out here. Inquiring minds want to know. They'll have to buy Christmas presents for trendy relatives soon.

I mention these in the context of this blog because trend-spotting is a key way to discover lens and niche topics. I don't really have any fashion-related lenses, but I could definitely see creating a scarf shop. So what trends are you seeing that you could develop into a money-making idea?

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