Sunday, June 15, 2008

Trying to be "do follow"

Buy at Art.comI'm trying to allow following for links left in my comments. Followed all the directions and have removed all reference to nofollow in my template. But SEOBook is still showing comment links as nofollow. Surely old comments would have to follow the new style as dictated by the template, right? Anyway, I'm trying to make it worth your while to comment by sharing what love I have as much as possible. And I do encourage relevant links to be left in comments. But if anyone has any tips for what else I might need to do, let's hear it.


Ron @ Tips 4 Blogspot said...


The link for the Author Name is DoFollow on your blog now. You have successfully edited your template to remove NoFollow from that link. Of course, any links inside the body of the actual comment cannot be changed (as the article explained).

lewister said...

Ah, thank you, Ron. I guess I was so busy following the directions that I didn't process exactly what it was I was making DoFollow. All clear now.