Saturday, July 12, 2008

Have you gotten caught in the iCarly craze?

(UPDATE: Looking for the shirts Carly and Sam wear on iCarly? Start here for some ideas. And go here for iCarly merchandise including shirts with iCarly logos.)

If you have a pre-teen, you've probably heard of iCarly, the latest hit show in the TeenNick line-up on Nickelodeon. This show grabs hold of the Web 2.0 wave as the theme of the show, which is about the lives of teens Carly, Sam and Freddie and the webcast they create called - wait for it - iCarly. The show brilliantly manages to capture the interactivity the web is famous for by showing viewer videos and develop a two-way conversation via its website.

Being the weird adult I am, I actually got on this bandwagon early, but just recently completed my series of lenses on the actors who make up the iCarly cast. I've had a lens on Miranda Cosgrove for a while now, but just recently finished Jennette McCurdy, Nathan Kress and Jerry Trainor. I even have a lyrics lens on the show's theme song - Leave It All To Me - sung by Miranda.

I'm pondering what else I should do with the show and it's characters. There's just so much competition on the web right now related to the show, but there's not really a good lens on it as yet, so I could sew up Squidoo at least on that score. I also wanted to add the clothes that Carly and Sam wear (and Spencer's socks if I can find some!), but am thinking about making that its own lens. There there's the whole "how to do a webcast" thing for those kids who want to do their own show like Carly and Sam's. Or just want to do a video to submit to iCarly.

Thoughts? I know I can kick butt with the new lenses, but given that 90 percent of the people visiting are kids who don't buy anything, would it be worth it given the amount of competition? Hmmm.

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Flapjack said...

this is one of my favorite teen nick/nick shows. i want my blog and website to be as popular as theirs