Tuesday, July 8, 2008

How I manage my Squidoo lenses

Buy at Art.comSo someone asked me the other day what kind of system I use for updating all my lenses. After all, I have more than 100 in my main account and almost 100 in my song lyrics account. So surely I have a system, right?

Actually, as I’ve gotten more lenses and more experience, I think I have fallen into some kind of system without noticing. So what is that system? How do I decide what to update or focus on when I sit down to work on my lenses?

Hot lenses
These get touched every day, just because they are hot. The perfect example of this kind of lens is Kung Fu Panda. For the two months leading up to the movie, there was something new every day to add, either a new toy or review or video. So the first thing every day was to find that something new and get it on the lens. (These don’t come around that often, thank goodness!)

Google Alerts
Check the daily emails I get on the various topics and people I have lenses on. I’m looking for news of awards, shows, appearances, products, anything that I need to add to the page to ensure it’s complete. These are particularly important with products and people.

Traffic stats
Once I’ve taken care of the basics, I take a scan through my traffic numbers to see if there are any major changes of note. I’m looking for anything unusual like a sudden spike. When I find one, I check out the stats further to see where it’s coming from – someone mention it on a forum? Was there some kind of news that I missed? I’ll look for any new tags I might want to add and (if I haven’t touched it in a while) will give it a good going over to make sure all the links work. If it’s traffic that just really shouldn’t be there – like on an event lens where the event has been over for months – I’ll take another look and ponder if there’s something there to make it be more evergreen.

On the edge
I am trying to generally not pay attention to lensrank, but around the middle of the month, I start taking a look at lenses that are just above or below the cutoff points for the top two tiers. (This is around 2,000 and 10,000, in case you didn’t know.) So I take a look, see if there’s anything I could do to freshen up the lens to either bring in more traffic or create more interaction with the traffic I have.

So that’s it in several nutshells. It was great to have the question because it really made me stop to think about my process recently.

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Susan52 said...

Great post, outstanding suggestions! I try to keep those same things in mind, but too often they just stay in my mind rather than getting acted upon. It takes a lot of discipline to do it up right!

LindaJM said...

Great ideas for updates - some that I haven't thought of before. Thanks!