Sunday, July 13, 2008

Meet Baby Quilt Queen

Yes, I've gone off the deep end, starting yet another blog. But I figured this wasn't something I wanted to start getting into here at The Life of Lewister, so it seemed appropriate to start a new blog to tackle the topic.

One of my many hobbies is quilting and I particularly love doing baby quilts. They're fast, you can try new techniques, no one is being hyper picky about whether your points are right. All around, just a much less stressful type of project to tackle. So my new blog - Baby Quilt Queen - will be tackling baby quilt patterns, techniques, ideas and more. My hope is to review books and patterns as well as talk about my own projects. And maybe someday I'll develop my own patterns. Who knows. Right now, it's just a way to get deep into a topic I love. And of course, there are new Squidoo lenses to go along with the blog.

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