Friday, July 11, 2008

Journey out today with Brendan Fraser

OK, I have to admit. I'm not entirely sure I'll be going to see Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D. Even if it does star Brendan Fraser. (Who has been absent from the big screen for quite a while.) We went to see Indiana Jones this past weekend - a rare trip to an actual theater - and were highly disappointed. So I might end up waiting for this one (which has had quite the mixed reviews) to make it to a dollar theater or something. Think they'll still give us the cute glasses? Hmm.

Fraser has been highly enthusiastic about this movie, touting the 3-D part as being the wave of the future for movie-making. But ya know, I'll settle for better stories and story-telling and do without fancy tricks and effects. Remember WaterWorld? Battlefield Earth? No amount of special effects can overcome a bad story. So stick to the basics, Hollywood!!

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