Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Keke Palmer and Josh Peck join my people group

Buy at Art.comI know I've confessed that I'm not entirely sure I like people. In lenses that is. And yet, here I go again with another spate of them. They definitely require more work in general to maintain, but that's exactly the appeal of them. There's always a reason to be tweaking and massaging what you have there.

I've picked on four up-and-coming actors for this most recent batch. Published two of them today, although they still have a long ways to go before I'll be happy with them. The first is on Keke Palmer, whom you might remember from Akeelah and the Bee. I totally loved her in that movie; I think she reminded me of my niece. Well, she's just gotten a deal to star in a new Nickelodeon sitcom starting this fall, so I've done this lens in anticipation of that show becoming a hit. If not, I'm sure she'll break out in some other way. She's still just 15 after all.

The other people lens I published today had me on a see-saw. I had started looking Wackness Movie Posterthrough the recent Vanity Fair issue on the hot new young stars of Hollywood, and found several people I knew (although not names). And one that I didn't make connections on until after I started researching him was Josh Peck of Drake & Josh fame. Can't say I watch the show, although I have caught it a few times just because it came on right after some thing I was watching. The issue with Josh is that he's making the move from the cutesy kid in tween appropriate shows to an adult actor taking on daring roles. How do you balance the hijinks of Drake & Josh with the clothing-missing scene in The Wackness? I think over time, provided he doesn't flame out, it will get easier as he gets farther away from his role as Josh Nichols. (And yes, I'm concerned about him flaming out. He looks a bit doped out in his interviews.)

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