Friday, July 4, 2008

Made the Giant Squid 100 Club!

Well, my latest milestone has been hit and passed. There was a competition on for members of the Giant Squid 100 club. Entry fee is 100 quality lenses, which I passed around the middle of June. I have 108 including my group right now with 11 in the wings waiting to be finished and published. I think I'll make my goal of 125 by Labor Day even at my current slow and steady pace.

It's interesting how my lensmaking ebbs and flows. I went from 30 to 60 lenses in no time flat, but it seemed like it took me a long time to get close to 100 and I wasn't sure I'd ever get across the line. I start a lot of lenses, but don't necessarily get around to finishing them. (Thus my 11 in WIP right now.) My pace has definitely become more steady, like two per week, although I can still rattle off a quality lens in about an hour if something strikes my fancy. And it often does. But I've spent a lot more time considering keywords and potential traffic before I start something new. Which is good. I'm maturing as an internet marketer. :-)

(Think you'd like to become a Squid? Think you have what it takes to make some real quality lenses and eventually become a Giant like me? Head over to Squidoo and sign up. Yes, I get a bonus if you use that link, but so do you! It's really a lot of fun, particularly if you like to write and have a flair for design.)

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