Saturday, July 5, 2008

Making little things - like pop tabs - count

Charity: A Bone to the DogI love weird/different/offbeat ways to help out. And that's reflected in several of my lenses over at Squidoo. Enter the latest in that line of lenses - collecting and donating pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House. Idea was generated during a recent trip to visit a friend and she kept after me to take the tabs off my cans. I thought it was just the average 8-year-old's idea of a collection, but it was a collection with a purpose. The pop tabs are taken to the recycling centers with the money then going to help pay for the operations of the house. (Just to be clear here, we're talking about electric bills and food, not medical treatments. Lots of rumors on the Internet about turning tabs in for treatments.) Its about the smallest thing you could do, but it's easy enough for any child and a great way to get them in the mindset early of doing for others.

(I like these kinds of things so much that I made a lens of offbeat charities featuring mine and others on Squidoo. There are lots of really creative ways to give.)

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Lydia said...

Oh my gosh I totally forgot about this... we used to collect pop tops for the ronald mcdonald house in school. I am going to start that again.