Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Texas Tuesdays: Take a spin on the Texas Motor Speedway

Buy at Art.comSo it's time to take another stroll around Texas to see what's going on in our fine state (and group). Texas is a big state for sports, but not just the Cowboys or Spurs or Astros. There's also a lot of hunting, fishing, NCAA and now, cars. Yep, we're heading up the road from Dallas this time to check out the Texas Motor Speedway.

GypsyPirate has put together a nice comprehensive lens here with everything you need to know about visiting the speedway, including the track configuration, 2008 schedule, weather, maps and more. There's great photos and videos to get you in the mood. It's one of several lenses Gypsy has on Nascar racetracks (and her passion for Nascar shows!). Check it out.

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