Saturday, August 9, 2008

iCarly - getting the look for back-to-school

(UPDATE: Looking for the shirts Carly and Sam wear on iCarly? Start here for some ideas. And go here for iCarly merchandise including shirts with iCarly logos.)

iCarly continues to be good for me over at Squidoo. I mentioned previously about my various iCarly lenses and plans for more. Well, I got the first of those kicked off with good results in terms of traffic (and even one sale!). It's all about how to dress like Carly and Sam and it's a bear so far! I've struggled to find the exact items on the show - outside of Sam's backpack - but have lots of cute things that are in the right style. But the poll shows kids want the exact items, so I'm shopping. A lot. Looking. Wow.

It's actually kind of fun. Just makes me jealous that I can't dress like that all the time. I love the layered t-shirt look Sam usually sports, but I can only pull that off on the weekends. During the winter. It's not really a look for 109-degree days here in Texas.

So check it out. If you're looking for back-to-school, there are a lot of good deals and sales going on at the online shops where I found items. And I have a huge list of new things to add now. And please, let me know if you think of anything I need to add or should look for. I need more eyes helping me!!

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