Friday, August 1, 2008

PepperJam Network - Get $10 for signing up!!

PJN July PromoSo if you're looking for a way to make money online, you've probably considered signing up to be an affiliate with one company or another so you can promote their products and earn a commission. I'm actually working with quite a few (in my efforts to reach that goal of $200 a month) with a variety of products.

The most recent one I've signed up with is Pepperjam Network, an affiliate network created by people who were affiliates themselves at one point. To that end, they've tried to create an affiliate friendly program and so far, so good. I've actually gotten responses to my emails, which is way better than I've gotten with most of the other programs. Good communication is a big seller with me.

So I signed up last month under a friend and got a $10 bonus just for doing so. They've decided to extend the promotion, so I'm passing on the gravy for you to sign up. Just click any of the links here and get signed up with PepperJam.

To get your bonus, you have to become an approved PJN publisher (new, no fair signing up for a second account!) and the rest is then up to you! (As a side note, the money didn't automatically show up in my account. I ended up having to sign up for the PJN referral program to get it, but there's nothing in the material they sent me that says you have to. Let me know if you have a problem after signing up or just contact them directly. They're really pretty good about getting back with you!)

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