Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thinking ahead to Halloween with Tinkerbell costumes and Jelly Belly treats

Tinkerbell CostumesI've never really been that into Halloween. I came of age at the time when the razor-blade in the apple stories were raging and we weren't really allowed to go trick-or-treating. But over at Squidoo, they have a special template they came up with last year just for Halloween-y lenses, so I thought I'd try my hand at a couple this year.

First up was one on Tinkerbell costumes. Discovered that they're actually pretty popular, as are Peter Pan ones. And wow. There were a lot of them to feature. And several different versions of official Disney costumes, too. All the way from baby to adult.

The second one was on some really cute Halloween food ideas using Jelly Belly candies. Did you realize they made candy corn, gummi worms and licorice? Who knew? But there are all kinds of cool ways to decorate everything from cakes to cookies using them. I went a little crazy with my pictures, but they so make you want to make these for your Halloween party!!

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