Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy October birthdays to Sesame Street characters The Count, Grover and Betty Lou

Sesame Street birthdayImage via WikipediaDon't know if you've noticed, but I have a thing for Sesame Street. Maybe as I approach 40, I find it harder to accept being a grown up and just regress further and further into childhood. Hmm. So I should be asking for a pacifier soon, right?

I'm sure the whole October thing isn't a coincidence as it's likely around the time new seasons were starting and thus new characters were introduced. But happy birthday to three Sesame Street characters this month, including my favoritest, Grover. (Sorry, Abby, but it's true. He's my favorite. You're a close second, though!)

First up is Count Von Count (AKA the Count, guy with scary laugh, arithmomaniac) on Oct. 9. According to Sesame Street Unpaved, he's 1,832,652 years old. That book came out in 1998, so he'll be ... really, really old this year.

Grover's birthday is Oct. 14 and our "cute, furry little monster" friend will be 38. Or maybe 40. Depends on whether you want to count the pre-Grover years on the Ed Sullivan Show and the first season of Sesame Street when he was green and nameless. I love that he's the same age as me. That's so cool! (Yeah, I can't remember if I'm 38 or 40 either.)

Bringing up the rear on the birthdays is Betty Lou, who celebrates on Oct. 24. She's at least 36 as she made her first book appearance in 1972. Couldn't find her first TV appearance. Not that we noticed, probably. She was almost a throw-away Muppet from the beginning and certainly never had the star power of Zoe or Abby Cadabby. Poor girl.

It's not a birthday, but don't forget to celebrate National Grouch Day on Oct. 15. We can pretend it's in honor of Oscar just to round out the month.

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