Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Now dropping by from Sesame Street - Zoe!

I've been hitting the Sesame Street sauce again over at Squidoo. Can't help it. Just love Sesame Street!! (Except for Elmo. Just not going to budge on that one.)

Anywho, I do like Elmo's best friend (originally "girlfriend"), Zoe, so she has now joined my Sesame Street characters contingent. Sadly, there's not a lot of info on her. She's orange (obviously), likes ballet (obviously) and, well, that's about it as far as facts go, really. (Something about a pet rock, but I've never seen it. Maybe it's an imaginary pet rock.)

So why do I like her? She's incredibly upbeat and just generally having a good time with life. And she doesn't have any language skill issues like Elmo. Bonus points for that! She never took off quite the same way Abby Cadabby has, although she is really popular. She just lives in Elmo's (and now Abby's) shadow. Always the sidekick, rarely the star. At least she gets more attention than Prairie Dawn and Betty Lou. They were the sad female squad until Zoe, Rosita and Abby came along. Hooray for some great girl power with Zoe!!

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