Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Renting the top spot at Squidoo for a while

Yes, it has finally come true. I have finally hit #1 at Squidoo. And for once remembered to take a screenshot so I could remember this moment. :-)

I'm not entirely sure what I thought my Squidoo trajectory would look like when I started up a year ago. There was so much about the internet I didn't know, and it took me a good six months before I even realized what it was I needed to learn. But there have been a lot of good things happen to me by accident in the last few months, including some #1 lenses in three categories and two lens of the days recognitions. And now, probably the hardest prize of all - #1 overall on Squidoo. This is a pretty rare club because, well, there's only one of them and there's a lot of really great competition out there. (As an example, just check out Janet's lens on working from home, which is what I'm renting the spot from.

I'm honored to be part of this club. Will strive to continue to be worthy of it.

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