Thursday, September 4, 2008

Setting records over at Squidoo

Buy at Art.comOf all the times to take a vacation. I'm sitting on the plane after we landed in New York Friday and we get the new via hubby's iPhone that McCain has actually named Sarah Palin as his VP pick. Now, I had pretty much pegged this as a risky move and thus unlikely, so I hadn't been overly worried about it. As soon as I saw that news, I started to panic. No computer access for four days. No way to update my Sarah Palin lens, which was sitting on page one of Google for a search on the woman. Well, how bad could it be? I mean, just how many people would be dropping by, after all? Won't they all be heading to the major news sites?

Want to know? More than 33,000 were there just on Friday alone. Since then I've been getting 5K-10K people a day for a rolling total of more than 78,000 for the past week. I've been told that I utterly smashed the one-day record for hits to a Squidoo lens and I'm just astounded by the amount of traffic.

Not to mention all the comments! Pages and pages and pages from people on all sides of the aisle/issue/spectrum. And I've given them lots of polls and debates to participate in. It's almost become a full-time job to keep up with them all at this point! It's been fascinating to see how many people are drinking the Kool-Aid the GOP has been serving so far and how many just refuse to take off their Democrat blinders for a minute. We are a truly rigidly divided country in a lot of ways.

If you've been by and had something to say, thanks. If you're still holding out judgment on Palin and your vote, good for you. Things should get really interesting come Oct. 2 when the VP debate rolls around. Think anyone's going to care about the others? (See, this was one of my negatives for putting her on the ticket. No matter what McCain does from this point out, Palin is going to get all the attention.)

(Wow. Three political posts in a row. I promise I'll get back to mascara and kids stuff soon.)

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