Monday, September 15, 2008

Snuggling up with Sesame Street plush characters

Fall is getting close, so some of us will be snuggling up under blankets, hopefully with loved ones. But ya know, kids get that snuggling can be a year round activity, regardless of weather. All it takes is a lot of love and a snuggly friend.

For my young friends, there isn't much more lovable than a Sesame Street plush character. In fact, one of my friends (who is now a very grown-up 11 and finds it embarrassing to be reminded of this stuff) had a mini Elmo that went everywhere with us, growing smaller over the years through multiple washings and lost stuffing. The other has a Big Bird that still has a hallowed place under the covers.

So my latest Sesame Street lens is a collection of the Sesame Street plush toys, from the mini sizes to jumbo ones more than three feet tall. All your favorites are there, including minis of some of the minor characters like Guy Smiley and Sherlock Hemlock. And of course, pictured here, the Amazing Mumford. Remember his catch-phrase? Do you?

A-la peanut butter sandwiches!

Gotta love Sesame Street.

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