Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Political lenses were very good to me

Buy at Art.comHappy election day to you!!

I hope you're going to vote today. (Debates on whether I should be encouraging anyone who might not be an informed voter to vote aside. Although I'm sure none of my readers would be uninformed, right?) We went to vote last week in early voting. And while I'm extremely happy that the election is finally here and about to be done with, I've had a good run with political lenses this year.

My favorite one was on throwing an election night watching party. And not just because I made good money on it. Actually, I think I raked in more than $200 combined for the month just from my political lenses. But this one was just a fun little idea that I totally never expected to actually take off. If I had had (and taken) the time, I could have done a lot more with it. But it just took off on it's own and did great as it was, attracting some pretty good traffic. For future, I think I'd like to add a playlist of appropriate songs as well as a real menu based on the candidates.

Add to that my Proud to be a Democrat and Proud to be a Republican lenses, which I kept finding cool stuff for but didn't quite take off like I thought they would. I think I made less than $4 on them, though. Hmm. Not entirely sure - outside of a little better promotion and the fact that they'll have a little more age on them - what will make them better for the next round.

And last comes my Sarah Palin lens, which gave me my second lens of the day, first #1 lens and set a record for a single day's traffic. Plus, I've made about $50 in sales off of this one, mostly because of books, which don't bring in a lot.

Having gone through this election now, I have a few new ideas for next time and great hopes for success with the lenses I have now finding new life. (No comment as to whether Sarah Palin will have hope for life in 2012. :-)

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