Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lenses created for SAMBA

Buy at Art.comIt stands to reason that Seth would have those of us in the SAMBA program busy over at Squidoo. (More pages means more traffic means more page views means more money for Squidoo means more money for charity.)

So we're supposed to be doing a lens a week. Let's just say I'm a bit behind. OK, a lot behind. But ahead of everyone else!! Which is what really matters, right? (Have got to get past the comparing thing.)

Lenses are supposed to cover a concept, book or case study - our choice. A book is the easiest for me, so I've tried hard to choose others, which is part of what's gotten me behind on the assignment. Poo. Not that I don't get concepts, but my standards for what should go into that kind of topic just means I need more than a week to get it done. (Excuses, excuses!!)

Here's what I've completed to date. Definitely different from my general choice of topics. Which is good for me, right? Gives me a more complete diet.
Note the lousy lensranks? Gotta do something about those. Doesn't get me motivated to do more deep content lenses when they don't do well. (Yes, it's my fault. I've also fallen off the promotional train.)

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