Saturday, May 2, 2009

Three movies I'm keeping my eye on

Way back in the dark ages of 2008, there was this movie that came out called Kung Fu Panda. My lens on that is still one of my top guys and earners. Amazing!

So what'd I learn? Animated movies are great lens topics. And to start early because you need the time to build traffic and fall in and out of Google a few times. So way back at the start of the year, I tracked down my movies to stake out my territory. Landed on UP, which comes out from Pixar in a couple of weeks; Planet 51, from a Spanish company in November; and They Came From Upstairs, a live action flick set for July and starting Ashley Tisdale of High School Musical and Disney fame.

Note that I didn't do one on every kid's movie that's coming out this year. So how'd I pick? (Like I remember that far back!) I believe I was looking for 1) something I would want to watch, 2) powerhouse backing like Pixar and 3) merchandising opportunities.

Key components from my Kung Fu Panda lens that I carried over? (Other than the obvious of the trailer.) Character descriptions, pick your favorite character, screen shots, official sites, videos of reviews and polls, polls, polls. Kids love to vote on stuff!

(The UP movie is another lens that I think will provide great value to readers. It's nigh impossible to search Amazon for "UP" and get relevant stuff. It's been a challenge to collect it all so far.)

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