Friday, May 1, 2009

Why, yes. I do deliver value

Buy at Art.comAn increasing portion of my Squidoo portfolio is shops and stores. And when I started out with them, I felt just a little … not sleazy, but like I was sacrificing standards and expectations in order to attempt to make money online.

That feeling started to amplify when I learned more about keyword research and started choosing lens topics just to capture a market niche.

I realized recently that while I might not be creating tons of original content in these shops, the kinds of shops I’m creating still deliver real value for my reader. So they should be things I am proud of. (And not just happy because I make money with them.)

For example, one I created on a whim and just for fun is on novelty cycling jerseys. As I was slogging through the 3,700 options on Amazon, I could see that I was providing a service to anyone looking for something other than a standard cycling jersey. Whether you want a heavy metal band shirt, cartoon character, beer, college, stylish, whatever – I did all the work for you. You can come, scroll through my shop and look at 300 shirts that are exactly what you’re looking for rather than scrolling through 3,700 options at Amazon. Not to mention that I pull in shirts from more than one source to give a pretty complete shopping experience.

So, guilt assuaged. I might not be giving you 20 tips on buying a cycling jersey, but I can help you find the absolute coolest ones out there. (Or beautiful vases, butterfly gifts, children’s bedding, iCarly gear.)

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