Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Love my wine vacuum pump

Do you have a Vacu Vin wine saver? Gotta tell ya', it's about the favorite tool in our kitchen. (Runs a close second to the garlic press!) With it, we never throw out wine again because it's gone vinegary. Paid for itself with in just a few uses let me tell you!

Now, I'm marking is as a modern gift for a fourth anniversary. (Cheating since it's not electric!) So why might you want to consider getting one as a wedding anniversary gift? Here's the skinny:
  • Low cost - The newer version - Concerto - will run you about $20 on Amazon (a 36% savings!). You'll want that one rather than the earlier one because it clicks to let you know to stop pumping. And even when you buy inexpensive wines like we do, it only takes tossing two or three bottles before you've saved that $20 back.

  • Easy use - Just stick the stopper in, set the pump down on top and start pumping. It'll get harder as the vacuum grows and the Concerto will click to let you know when it's done. Use your thumb to push the center tab of the stopper to the side to release the vacuum and enjoy your saved wine.

  • It works - Nothing's perfect, but we've had great success with keeping bottles of wine for more than a week. The pump sucks out the oxygen that kills the wine and keeps the seal really well. And in the end, that's really all you need to know, right?
If you're into wine on a daily basis but can't finish off a bottle in one go, this wine saver set is a great thing to add to your bar set. If you just like to enjoy wine a few times a week, it's a necessity!

And don't forget to get extra stoppers. We have about 10 and there are times they're all in use!

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