Thursday, February 4, 2010

Take on a serious challenge with the 36 Cube

I'm not sure I've ever tackled a tougher puzzle. My friends and I spent a week before one of us managed to crack the trick to solving the puzzle. Took me a little longer (I'm stubborn) but I finally did it.

Think Fun's 36 Cube is a tough nut. There are just two simple rules - the top must be level and no repeating a color in any row - but the solution isn't so simple.

If you, your family or anyone else you know likes brainteasing puzzles, this is a good one to keep around. Once you find the trick, it'll take maybe 30 minutes to get all the pieces in place.

Think Fun is pretty sneaky with the tricky solutions to its puzzles and the 36 Cube is no exception. The answer is never quite as straightforward as you think it is and they're very big on lateral thinking. Pat yourself on the back if you get this one!

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