Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Turn even a traffic jam into fun

No one thinks traffic is any fun. No one.

But that was before Think Fun's Rush Hour hit the scene. It's a brainteaser puzzle you can play by yourself or work together with friends and family to solve.

Choose one of the 40 cards, set up the board as shown on the cards, then move the vehicles one space at a time until you free the red car from the traffic jam. See just how few moves you need to make it happen.

The original game comes with 40 cards and vehicles of all shapes and sizes. The puzzles are in four difficulty levels - intermediate, advanced, expert and grand master. You probably can beat the easier levels in 20 moves, but the grand master cards will take more like 50!

And when you solve those first 40 puzzles, there are add on packs with more cards (and new vehicles!) to challenge you even more.

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