Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Seed paper makes for gifts that last past that first anniversary

Have you ever heard of seed paper? It's paper that has plant seeds - usually wildflowers - impregnated into it when it's made. So you can take the paper after it's been used, and instead of recycling it the regular way, plant it and enjoy a second gift from it!

I love this idea for a first anniversary gift because it's so much more than just paper! They use it to make invitations and cards, which is nice except that the person you give those to doesn't get to enjoy the planting part. So my favorite item I've found made of plantable paper are these cool plantable wish cards from Uncommon Goods. The little cards are meant to write a wish for yourself or someone else on, then you plant, water and watch it grow. These guys are packed with annual and perennial wildflower seeds, and I just really like the whole wish thing for people celebrating that first anniversary. Gives them a cool way to celebrate a special day!

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