Friday, August 24, 2012

Perfect time to pick up those Little Miss Match socks for gifts

My niece loves to talk about her cool aunt - the one who wears mismatched socks and has purple hair. (Hint: it's me!)

I realized recently, though, that my Little Miss Match socks are looking a little worse for wear. And apparently Addie has completely grown out of hers. Shopping time! And almost in time for prime gift-giving season. Sweet serendipity, Batman!

Now, Addie is easy, since Little Miss Match now has team spirit items and they have her school colors. Perfect! (She can wear them to play basketball. :-) The team spirit items include socks, arm warmers and these little pompom things they call hair poochies. Which I have yet to see in a picture actually in anyone's hair, so I'm not sure just what a poochie is. Along with maroon and gold, they come in green and white, navy and gold, UT burnt orange and white, among others. Surely they'll add more color combinations later?

One of the reasons my socks have gotten a wee bit pathetic rather than being replaced so far is that the styles and designs of socks offered has just gotten bigger and bigger and bigger and it's so hard to pick! Especially during the summer, which I spend mostly in flip flops. (I know. They have flip-flop socks and cute flip-flops too.)

I'm toying with some of their fuzzy socks. I had the chance to touch some of them at the LMM store in Grand Central once and when they say fuzzy and soft, they mean fuzzy and soft. Incredibly, unbelievably soft. Liking these striped ones, a new design, but I have to get two packs (different ones, of course) at a time. I like the miss matched designs, but the idea of not being able to create pairs drives me nuts! So I must have multiples of two.

Which is where I'm really digging the gift sets and bundles they've come up with. Now, I'm not entirely sure anyone really needs the Ultimate Sock Drawer with 99 socks in there. Or the Trunk Full of Socks with - count them - 999 socks! I suppose you would be set up with socks for the rest of your life, but then you lose out on the fun of buying new designs when they come out.  Poo on that.

Wait. Back to my socks.

Anyway, there are two gift sets that are attracting my eye at the moment. They've got this set called Juicy Socks that comes with 10 socks (each different!) in either black Zany or pink Zany colors. Perfect! I get the complete randomness I love while also meeting that weird need for an even number total of socks. Plus, I tend to wear these with my black sneakers, so that works well.

If you have someone who's never had LMM socks, there's a cool starter set I'm considering picking up for my other niece. You get four sock packs in different heights and designs. All in a lovely little box ready to wrap. (Love that!) You get liners, anklets, knee highs and over the knee socks, and the box is more than half off right now. Perfect!

Wait. Last thing, even more perfect. (Well, more perfect would be that they start having women's sized t-shirts and bring back the PJs. But for now ... .) I've got two discount codes you can use while you do your own Christmas shopping for the tween and teen girls in your life. Well, as long as you get it done by Sept. 9, that is. Free shipping on all orders with code F1BTSFS or get 20% off orders of $65 or more with code F1BTS20.

Off to shop! Which socks are you getting?

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