About This Site

If you stumbled along here, it was likely because of some random search on Google. Which is great because this blog is completely random. Match made in heaven!

This blog covers all kinds of things that I just find cool. A lot of them relate to kids bedroom ideas, which is a long time fascination of mine. I like decorating kids rooms. They get all the cool stuff while we grown-ups get stuck with the "mature" items. Boo.

Most of the time, the things I find cool are also things I've done a page on over at Squidoo. So links in the posts might take you to a specific product that I show in an image, but other links typically will take you to a Squidoo page that has tons of options for that product type. Could be a cool bedroom theme, could be a fun calendar, could be a goofy sports fan item.

I love hearing from you guys, so leave as many comments as you like. Be polite, tell me I'm wonderful and it'll all be great. (Just kidding. Feel free to tell me I'm full of it when that's called for.)

I'm Susan and whether you agree or not, I think it's cool.